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The Short & Sweet Moment: Let The Healthcare Giants Integrate.

I propose structural transformation within healthcare.

Hospitals, health systems, large clinical programs, nursing homes, insurance, and pharmaceuticals are pillars of an 8 trillion dollars customer-service (read patient care) industry.

Unless these mega-giant-industries have touchpoints (processes) and points of contact (people) where they connect with each other at the strategic planning and execution phase focusing on the following 4 metrics in regular meetings........ Healthcare will continue to be a dismal system as it stands today.

The four areas of collaborative focus are:

1. Integration

2. Innovation

3. Efficiency & Alignment

4. Capacity

Imagine the immunization industry engages, and interacts strategically with hospital systems, primary care doctors, and nursing homes about updates on the R&D side of things, while the folks near the customers are sharing feedback on customer acceptance of a specific vaccine among other things. And with insurance firms, and government policy-makers in that forum, the cost-to-value analysis can be done before the launch of a specific immunization program, during, and after.

I share a very simplified version here for your feedback.


Atif Zafar, MD is a physician, entrepreneur, and the author of the book "Why Doctors Need To Be Leaders". He can be reached at

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