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Dr. Atif Zafar's Exclusive Course: Interview Like A Pro (The Blueprint: How To Get Into Residency)

List of interview questions for medical residency applicants with tried and tested responses/answers for you.

Literally, spoon-fed to you; for medical students and IMGs going for the match.

Interview Secrets

This course comes with high-value answers to commonly asked interview questions. A simple strategy on how you will shape answers to those frequently asked questions by the faculty during interviews. Leveraging those questions in your favor and showing your best side.

Course Author

Developed by Dr. Zafar who has mentored hundreds of doctor applicants successfully match, year after year. He was intimately involved in the residency selection committee of an academic program for many years. He is currently the fellowship program director in one of the world’s top-ranked university hospitals.

Here is the course for you. Enjoy and good luck!


Atif Zafar, MD is a physician, entrepreneur, and the author of the book "Why Doctors Need To Be Leaders". He is a physician leader with experience in both the US and Canadian healthcare systems. He has mentored dozens of exceptionally smart minds and helped them navigate the cumbersome and competitive environment in the field of medicine. This article is dedicated to his amazing mentees who are thriving in their careers all across the globe.

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